sudbury foot clinic and markham foot clinic
sudbury foot clinic and markham foot clinic

  Riaz Bagha
  B. Sc Podiatric Medicine, M.Sc., D. Ch. Foot Specialist / Chiropodist

Commonly called a Morton's neuroma, this problem begins when the outer coating of a nerve in your foot thickens. This thickening is usually caused by irritation that results when two bones repeatedly rub together (often due to ill-fitting shoes or abnormal bone movement). The area between the third and fourth toes is the most commonly affected; the area between the second and third toes is another common irritation point. Nerve problems due to diabetes or alcoholism may also cause neuroma-like symptoms.

The pain from neuromas may start gradually, causing burning, tingling, cramping, or numbness. Symptoms often occur after you've been walking or standing for a period of time. It might feel like you're stepping on a lamp cord. You may need to take your shoe off and rub your foot. In some cases, the pain radiates from the tip of the toes to the ankle.

Reducing symptoms

The following treatments may be used to reduce painful symptoms.
  • Shoe Changes and Orthotics
    Shoes with good support, a wide toe box, and thick soles can help prevent nerve irritation. Avoid wearing high heels. Custom shoe inserts (orthotics) can help improve foot function and provide extra support for your feet. Orthotic insoles can provide a fairly good outcome for neuroma pain.

  • Physical Therapy
    Massaging your feet and using ice packs can help reduce pain and swelling. Ultrasound therapy or shock-wave therapy may help. Special foot adjustments/manipulative therapy of the foot, which a few Foot Specialist have the training for (and we do), can also help.

  • Medication
    You doctor may subscribe anti-inflammatory medications to reduce tissue swelling. Cortisone injections are sometimes used to relieve swelling in the nerve.

  • Surgery
    Neuroma excision surgery may be recommended if conservative therapy has not been successful for you to lead a fairly normal lifestyle due to paim. However, try conservative therapy first.