sudbury foot clinic and markham foot clinic
sudbury foot clinic and markham foot clinic

  Riaz Bagha
  B. Sc Podiatric Medicine, M.Sc., D. Ch. Foot Specialist / Chiropodist


Self Care includes trimming nails straight across, and temporarily wearing sandals. Soaking feet in warm water for 30 minutes, twice a day helps. See your Foot Specialist immediately if you are a diabetic.

Doctor's Care is required if self-care measures fail or if an infection is present.

Surgery may be recommended and usually involves removing part of the toenail and growth plate. Local anaesthesia is often all that is required. After surgery, you can walk on your heel, but may need the help of a cane or crutch. Healing occurs between 4 to 6 weeks, with the nail looking like it did but only smaller. Continued proper nail-trimming and wearing well-fitting footwear are essential to prevent recurrence.