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sudbury foot clinic and markham foot clinic

  Riaz Bagha
  B. Sc Podiatric Medicine, M.Sc., D. Ch. Foot Specialist / Chiropodist

An intense, sharp pain at the bottom of the heel may be caused by a heel spur. This growth of extra bone on the calcaneus or heel bone is believed to form when the connective tissue that extends from the heel bone to the base of the toes pulls excessively on the heel. Certain disorders such as an abnormal flatness of the arch and sole of the foot, as well as those that cause the heel cord to always be contracted can increase the risk of heel

Biomechanical dysfunctions of the foot can cause heel spur to form in which case custom-made orthotic insoles are recommended.

Heel spurs are not painful by themselves but are indicative of a long history of excessive pull on the plantarfascia (a ligament on the underside of the foot).
Orthotic Insoles:
These special supports that insert into your shoes generally provide an excellent outcome for heel spur syndrome/plantarfasciitis. These are precision devices that can easily insert into your shoes and should be made by a highly qualified foot specialist such as a chiropodist or podiatrist.

Cortisone injection:
A mixture of local anesthetic and corticosteroid into the heel is also a good option.

A few sessions of a newer method of treatment involving shockwave therapy has also provided a fairly good outcome in many patients suffering from plantarfasciitis/heel spur syndrome. Call us and we shall design the appropriate management plan for you.

Orthopaedic footwear:
By themselves, shoes do not provide enough biomechanical control for plantarfasciitis/heel spur syndrome. However, good footwear complement orthotic therapy. We have some excellent orthopaedic shoes.

Surgery for heel spurs?
Surgery for heel spurs is often not recommended due to complications.

Tender loving care (TLC):
We believe in TLC. We shall try to alleviate your pain via the most effective and least painful methods first. We shall discuss the method of treatments with you prior to initiating therapy. Comfortable?